Sun, Jan 5, 2020 - 6K - 00:38:35
Ninth 6K Morning Run with Hannah - 38:35
For our ninth 6K morning run, we were back in the dark again after two runs in light during the Christmas vacation, slower than our daylight runs but since we run through pitch black areas about 40% of the duration with only my smartphone flashlight to guide our way, the reduction in speed is understandable.  
Since we both had to get to school and work earlier, we left right at 5:30 this time. Getting up at 5:25, putting your hand outside to feel how cold it is (2°C), and then putting on your running clothes and getting out the door is an act of pure proactivity. I don't know if I would be able to do it if Hannah weren't running as well, the urge to crawl back in my warm bed is so strong. And I think that during our highly-reduced-visibility run which starts just minutes after I wake up, my mind spends much of its time during the run in a kind of sleep state, often having realizations, e.g. when we suddenly come into lit up areas around the hospital, that I'm actually not dreaming.