Thu, Jan 16, 2020 - 22K - 03:00:00
22K After-Work Night Run Home
Got out the door of work about 17:30 and decided to do a longer route home which would be more than my 17K last week, so took off up towards Prenzlauerberg, eventually to Torstr., Invalidenstr. then into Moabit, over the Spree, then straight down Uhlandstr./Blissestr./Albrechtstr. which basically took me all the way home on straight, long, easy-running streets.  
I didn't feel any sign of my ham string pull from December, and so increasingly pushed it to where at times I was running about a 5-minute kilometer pace again. But I'm probably not going to do any more 5K sprint runs before the marathon in April but instead just start doing increasingly longer training runs throughout February and March, crescendoing around 40K or so.  
Coming down Grunewaldstr. during the last part of my run, I ran into Hannah and friends who were headed to Schlossstr. after their Vernissage, and they asked me for 10 euros. That's what you get when you have teenagers and you run around the city with your wallet in your backpack.  
Tomorrow Hannah and I are doing a 5K race where she hopes to beat her 5K best of 29:07. We've been keeping up our Monday runs, Friday swims and she's been doing HIIT workouts every other day, so I'm looking forward to seeing how fast she can get into the finish line.