Thu, Aug 21, 2014 - 15K - 01:50:00
15K Spanish Verb Conjugation Run
Got out this evening for a 15K canal run, and since my MP3 player had a low battery, I printed out the Spanish verb conjugation sheets for -ir, -er, -and -ar verbs and used the time during my run to commit these verbs to memory. I made sheets that also have "language chunks" on them so that I had the necessary phrases to create an appropriate sentence for each verb tense, e.g. for imperfect tense phrases such as "three times" and for preterite tense phrases such as "last week". I'm surprised most verb conjugation references don't list contextual language like this as its key to getting the feel for the meaning of the verb in actual use and developing a sense of e.g. which past tense is most appropriate in various contexts: imperfect, preterite or present perfect. I have to say that my concentration was heightened during my run, I wonder if there is research regarding exercise and learning. It would make sense that blood pumping through your system would help facilitate the forming of synapses. Also, the changing scenery helps give each learning item, or verb in this case, a specific context which can aid recall later. In any case, considering all aspects, learning while you exercise is a nice Life Hack worth more application and research, this won't be the last of the learning runs, I'll try to do two more 15K+ runs before my Mercedes Half marathon in 10 days. 
From August 13th, commemorating those who died at the Berlin Wall: