Sat, Jun 4, 2016 - 4.5K - 00:25:11
4.5 Kilometer Family Run in Leegebruch
The last run our family had done together was the 2012 5K Tierpark Race and so we wanted to do a repeat performance this summer at some point. We found a 4.5K race in the sleepy little town of Leegebruch near Oranienburg, north of Berlin, about a 40-minute drive from our house. The organizers said that two years ago they had 300 participants, last year 400, and this year 500. It's officially called a "street run" since most races in Brandenburg are through forests and fields but this one consists of two loops through the streets of the town starting at the town's track and field area. I ran with Hannah who finished the 4.5K in 25:11 (27:58 5K pace) and Gisi and Karla ran together finishing with a 31:51 (35:23 5K pace). The race started at 10:45 so it was quite warm and the sun was shining down on our heads much of the race which sapped energy, but that was replenished by the numerous towns people who had positioned their water sprinklers to spray water out in to the street, or men who stood outside their garage hosing down runners with water as they ran by, very fun, and accompanied with happy yelps and screams, and words of thanks for the refreshment.