Tue, May 14, 2019 - 13K - 01:30:00
Sunday Quadrathlon: 11K Run, 15K Bike, 1K Swim, 2 König Pilseners
I had been planning to do a personal triathlon training ever since the weather had turned spring-like, and since today was an absolutely gorgeous day and since Gisi and I had a date at 17:00 to meet some friends at the Luise Biergarten in Dahlem, I decided to execute a custom run, bike ride and swim just in time to get back at 16:30 to leave, and then include beer drinking as the fourth event in my quadrathlon. All went as planned and it turned out to be a wonderful day of exercise and relaxation, with a cool shower at the end which made both the bike ride home from the simming pool and the outdoor meetup a cool and enjoyable experience.  
I couldn't get my 5K run time (24:13) on my IKEA loop under 24 minutes again, which I'll attribute to the heat since I actually felt quite fast. I was under a 24 minute pace on all my markers up to about 3K and then just couldn't keep moving fast enough through the hot sun. The Potsdam half marathon is in two weeks and being on June 2, promises to be a day of sun as well, hopefully at least like today and not hotter, we'll see.  
Seen today during a bike ride through Berlin: the Fliegeberg with Otto Lilienthal memorial in Lichterfelde, a hill he constructed in 1894 from which he launched thousands of flight attempts in his Normalsegelapparat ("normal soaring apparatus"). His last flight was in August 1896, after building his gliders larger and larger, a newly constructed apparatus went into a nose spin and dropped him from a height of 15 meters.