Sun, Apr 1, 2012 - 13K - 01:40:00
13K Partner-Run Through Volkspark Wilmersdorf
Gisi was looking through a Berlin running magazine today and found a map of a 8K running route about 5K away from here, so we decided to take a bus out to it, run the 8K and the 5K home, a perfect tapering run for me, and a long-run for her. We looked at the outdoor thermometer which said 8°C (46°F) and opened the balcony door which let in a cool refrigerator blast of air, not really spring, so we put on our full-length running suits and ran out just in time to get the bus out to Innsbrucker Platz where we took off our our route. The park is actually two parks, about a block wide that slithers through the city for about 3 kilometers, there must have been a playground every 100 meters. Berlin Tip: if you are a parent and have small kids, this is the park to go to. Our run was very steady and fun, no fast speeds and lots to see. Turned out to be the longest run Gisela has ever done, nice. Two weeks from now I'll be running through Paris, all limbs feel great, starting to get excited. 
Here's the map that we used, for anyone actually running this, you can probably skip the loop on the left, we actually got lost on it and it's not really part of the park, you can find more Berlin running routes here
too cold for shorts today: 
approaching start and the blast of cold air: 
Got out of the bus and immediately started our run: 
Rathaus Schöneberg, where JFK said he was a Berliner: 
"The Keeper of the Cookies": 
back home: