Thu, Mar 26, 2020 - 6K - 01:00:00
6K Second Early-Morning Sprint Training Run with Hannah
Hannah wanted to do another track work out, but alle Sportplätze in Berlin are unfortunately closed at the moment due to the Corona virus, so we decided to go run out to Priesterweg where there is a two-kilometer stretch. We used the interval timer app again and did ten 30-second sprints with 90-second rests in between, five down and five back. I remember the last time we did our track workout (January 4th), I was still concerned about my light hamstring pull from December, but today I ran full-speed with no problem. 
It was a cold and crisp morning, we got out the door about 5:45, still before the time change so it was light, but you had to keep moving to stay warm. As compensation for that, however, we experienced a beautiful sunrise.