Sat, Apr 23, 2022 - 21K - 02:10:39
21K Teltow-Lichterfelde Half Marathon, clockwise (02:10:39)
This was the second time I ran my newly discovered 21K Lichterfelde/Teltow route, this time clockwise instead of counter-clockwise which put the long canal at the end although I ran along the paths next to the water, quite fun and wild terrain but after awhile a bit hard on the legs since you run on a slant. The route is literally about 80% nature, along the canal and then 5K or so along the former Berlin Wall, then up through a 3K-long chain of Lichterfelde parks. I kept a 30-minute 5K pace quite well, hope to bring this down some in my next runs on this route. 
5K = 00:29:08 
10K = 01:00:13 
15K = 01:33:25 
20K = 02:04:20 
21K = 02:10:39