Sat, Sep 14, 2019 - 21K - 02:40:00
Schloss Hakeburg Half-Marathon Training Run with Gisi
Gisi and I signed up for the Leipzig Half Marathon this weekend and so with 27 days to go, decided to get in a full length training run. We made our way down our familiar Teltow canal route, but after we got to Teltower Damm, kept going straight and eventually circled Machnower See which is a green paradise of sorts with a kind of spooky castle called Hakeburg which has a semi-dark history of hosting the likes of Fidel Castro, Gorbatschow and other foreign partners of the former East German communist leaders where they apparently discussed their secret plans. Today the castle is largely abandoned, but its grounds accessible and on good-weather days, a beautiful place to sit and contemplate the Machnower See and its surrounding nature. 
After running out of the Schloss Hakeburg grounds, we turned up Karl-Marx-Straße all the way to Mexikoplatz, then took a right and ran far enough east into Zehlendorf until we completed our half-marathon length, which was right at night-fall, at which point we rented the nearest DriveNow BMW and had a well-earned drive home.