Sat, Sep 28, 2019 - 9K - 01:12:56
Last Summer Run and Last Swim in Insulaner Freibad, with times 5K Run (24:57)
I realized that this would be the last weekend the Insulaner Freibad would be open, and so to close out the summer and celebrate the many times Gisi and I had taken advantage of this wonderful outdoor pool this summer for early morning swims, I took off Saturday morning to my IKEA 5K and gave it my best.  
Under perfect running conditions, I was able to run my 5K in under 25 again with a 24:57, one second faster than my last timed-5K at the beginning of September. After the run, the sky was brilliant with the light of the rising sun, even including a full rainbow, it was an almost magical morning as I made my way to the pool at Insulaner.  
Since I was only able to carry my swimming suit in my running back pack, I had no flip flops, so walking out to the two pools was freezing on my bare feet. I saw that there were about six people already swimming laps in the lap pool but that the large, non-swimmer pool was still completely empty. So I opted against swimming laps, and opted for simply playing around in the large non-swimmer pool, enjoying the relatively warm water as steam rose slowly up into the cool, morning air all around me, swimming around like a happy fish practicing my in-water hand stands, etc.  
When I got out of the pool, I took an exhilaratingly cold, outdoor shower and walked shivering back the locker room in the cold, morning air with the premonition that summer 2019 had just officially ended and winter was on its way.