Sun, Aug 14, 2011 - 34K - 04:15:00
First Wannsee Loop
Got out the door at 4:50 A.M. when it was still dark, ran down Potsdamer Chaussee out to Wannsee with sun still low but up and then through Kleiner Wannsee and over the bridge at Kohlhasenbrücker Str. and down into the interesting part of Berlin which had pockets of West in East and ran a number of times through the former wall in recognition of it being built 50 years ago, no really to many places you can see where it was anymore except at Albrechts Teerofen you can still see the former overpass of the A115 that used to cross the canal, in fact it still does but it is closed off so I couldn't get back over the canal at that point, but ran through the woods until I got a path along the canal. In all it is a great loop with many different changes in scene and environment: highway, country side, water, east/west history, the only problem is you don't come across a place to get anything to drink until about 25K, perhaps I could look for one and run it backwards, just that the middle part is pretty solidly country side. It is a nice, historical run though. Listened to Stackexchange podcast with the head person on the cooking site, and then a Colin Marshall podcast with Pico Iyer, a man who writes travel books and admires Narziss and Goldmund and Tintin, a comic that I need to read, don't know how I missed it. At 4 hours I put Jason Jollins back in and had a solid pace going all the way back, legs are hammered now a day later, these long runs are very good workouts.