Tue, Dec 27, 2016 - 20K - 02:30:00
20K Niedersächsischer Landlauf
I'm at my parents-in-law's Niedersachsen farm house in northwestern Germany for a couple days and so wanted to get a long training run in. My father-in-law had mentioned that he used to walk to church to the next town when he was a boy, and so I got him to describe to me his exact route from the 1930s, which he was still able to remember, and which I then made the first 6K of my run. The route took me straight to the town of Ostercappeln, created by Charlemagne back in the 9th century after he had conquered the Saxons in this area, which has a 1000+ year old church which was the first goal of the run. I basically ran back after that but on a long loop via Bohmte, and so ran past Leckermühle where my wife and I had celebrated our wedding reception back in 1997, good memories. The weather was perfect, like a cool day in September, and I saw many animals, from llamas to sheep to a miniature horse, and was able to breathe in lots of pure country fresh air.