Sat, Aug 23, 2014 - 21K - 02:05:32
Berlin Mercedes Half Marathon
Got out the door at 7 AM to rain but by the time I got to the start, it wasn't raining at all, sprinkled a bit around 16K which was wonderful. The race was through city streets, residential districts, along the Havel, and through the Borsig factory area, and we ran two 10K loops, so less a sightseeing run and more of a local race. I passed 10K at 55:39 and was still dreaming of getting a sub-two when at 16K a guy looks back at me and said, "Willst du unter zwei laufen?" and I said, "ja" to which he said, "Das reicht nicht, lauf mit mir." I stayed with him for about 18K but couldn't hold it after that and watched him pace off into the distance. I ran solid and kept "the form" pretty well, legs pushing out behind, and was able to push it at the end. That was a nice hurdle race, now time to slowly rev up with some longer training runs for the Barcelona Marathon in March.