Sun, Oct 14, 2012 - 10K - 01:02:32
ASICS Grand 10K Berlin
Gisi and I were going for a sub-1 today and gave it a very strong run for the money, me running around coaching, and Gisi running as hard as she possibly could. As it turns out, she got her second best time, just like Pete and I did in our marathons in the past two weeks, so she is now also an official member of the "2012 Second Best Time" club. We missed her best time by 39 seconds but I don't know any place we could have made it up, she was running hard right behind me the whole race and we were still running with the 1-hour balloon at 7K and could still see it at 8.5K, a very solid run today, cool and refreshing weather with lots of sun, 7000 runners, and particularly interesting was between 5K and 6K running through the zoo past antelopes, zebras, a rhino, a mountain lion, and two wolf cubs, and then out again into the streets of Berlin, very unique. 
The Route: 
The Feet: 
The Goal: 
The Runners: 
The Weather: 
The Start: 
The Exertion: 
The Pace Bunny: 
under pace at 3K: 
after 4K, still under pace: 
got the power gel out: 
5K at 00:30:09, nine seconds over pace, running strong: 
One unique aspect of this race was between 5K and 6K, we ran through the Berlin Zoo past all the animals and many surprised zoo-goers., here entering the zoo: 
off to see the animals: 
exiting the zoo: 
around the corner to the 2.5 long Kantstr. 
the long Kanstr. 
Gisi showing Kantstr. who's boss, at 8.5K we could still see the 1-hour balloon: 
The last stretch to the finish, "run like you stole a snickers bar!":