Sun, Jan 19, 2014 - 30K - 03:20:00
20K/30K Zero Degree Winter Run with Gisi Including Timed 5K (24:32)
While Gisi and Hannah were still in church, I took off out to my 5K IKEA loop where I did a fast-for-winter 24:32, up considerbly from my 26:03 two weeks ago, and just as I finished, Gisi took off from home and we rendezvous-ed nicely right at Priesterweg where we began the monster length of our runs today: Gisi 20K and my 30K. The air was right at zero degrees celcius, and when I ran hard (when I would run ahead to get us drinks at gas stations), I could feel the freezing air shooting down into my lungs, but on the whole, the weather was more refreshing than cold, as long as you kept running. Snow is predicted for the Berlin area so this may be the last non-snowy run for awhile. Nice for both of us to get a good, long run in two months before our marathon and dual half marathon. 
5K start! 
found a pack of tissues, and inside: a 20€ bill! 
spent 10.47€ on two teas, Studentenfutter, and a fruit salad, lecker! 
home sweet home: