Sun, Jul 1, 2012 - 26K - 03:00:00
26K Italian/Spanish Embassy Run
In honor of the European Cup championship teams that made it to the finals, I ran to both the Italian and Spanish embassies on the southern edge of the Tiergarten. Another theme of this run was to take unknown streets through the city which turned out to be very fun, actually got that lost feeling again near Prager Platz and in Friedenau coming down Bambergstr. 
The Italian embasssy turned out to be a building built by Albert Speer during the 30s right across the street from the Japanese embassy in Hiroshimastr. It was renovated in 2003. And the Spanish embassy was a building I've seen many times before, situated on Lichtensteinallee right before you cross the canal into the Zoo grounds near where Microsoft's Berlin headquarters are. 
It was a decent run, was surprised that even after taking a week off last week, had lots of energy and had a good mix of running long stretches hard interspersed with fun city exploration and discovery. 
The Way, looks like a good movie, "you don't choose a life, you live one": 
Benderblock is notable as the headquarters of the Wehrmacht officers who carried out the July 20 plot against Adolf Hitler. As the leaders of the conspiracy were summarily shot in the courtyard, the Bendlerblock also includes the Memorial to the German Resistance: 
anti-nuclear sticker on Hiroshimastrasse sign: 
Embassy of United Arab Emerites: 
GOAL #1 REACHED: Italian Embassy: 
built in 1939, here's a video of it in 1945 heavily damaged after WWII 
GOAL #2 REACHED: Spanish Embassy: 
Microsoft headquarters at the zoo: 
a bunch of Italian fans getting ready for the 4-0 debacle 
Kufsteinerstr., colorful, green, and urban: 
a lone Spanish fan: 
Met Gisi on the other side of this bridge during her 6K run and we ran home together, the end of a very fun discovery run: