Sun, Oct 19, 2014 - 32K - 03:30:00
32K Run Through Berlin including Rendez-Vous with Gisi on her 10K
Today was an absolute beautiful day to run: changing leaves of October with August temperatures and brilliant sunlight. I ran a 32K grand loop around Berlin from Steglitz across Tempelhofer Feld with its long runways and expansive space full of hundreds of happy wind-surfing and kite-flying Berliners, up Oranienstr. to Brandenburger Tor, through the Tierpark to the Zoo, then back down Dahlem where, at 27K, I met up with Gisi in the middle of her 10K and we ran back home together. My legs were absolutely pounded, this was my first serious training run for the upcoming Barcelona Marathon and there is no way I could have run a marathon today in any respectable time. I need a couple of these long runs to get back into 04:30 striking range or better. But Gisi ran 10K and I ran 32K, so together we completed a marathon, not something you can say everyday. 
nice day to run: 
sun hot at times, more like August than October: 
Tempelhofer Feld, 2.1 kilometer runway: 
"learn German in a bar": 
marathon stripes: 
George Bush, Helmut Kohl, and Mikhail Gorbachev: 
rendez-vous'd with Gisi: