Sun, May 1, 2016 - 32K - 03:30:38
32K Grunewald Trek to See Nico's Grave
Haven't run in two weeks and will be running a marathon in September and so that meant get out the door and run a significant length of a marathon. Luckiliy the weather was perfect for a long trek through the city and I set as my goal to go find Nico's grave in the middle of the Grunewald Forest, then run up out of the forest, straight east back into Wilmersdorf and back down, which ended up to be a 32K loop. Nico was, of course, one of Andy Warhol's glamor girls and lead singer of Velvet Underground but kept her individuality, her rough German accent, and was in general a poignant character with a difficult childhood, fame, and a hard ending. I visited her grave, then took off out the north of the forest and made it back through the city in a beautiful setting sun, a wonderful first of summer day. 146 days till the Warsaw Marathon.