Sat, Feb 16, 2013 - 35K - 04:00:00
35K Trans-Berlin Run: Buch to Steglitz
Got up on Saturday at 5:00 A.M., out of the house at 5:40, on the S-Bahn at 5:58, and stepped out of the train in the northern-east corner Berlin at a station called "Buch" at 6:44 A.M., ran down the steps and into into the night, staying on pretty much one long road back into Berlin through Karow, Heinersdorf, Pankow, through Prenzlauerberg into Mitte, and the 7K straight line to the Charlottenburg, then down to Hohenzollerndamm where I met Gisi out in the middle of her 18K run, and ran back with her the last 9K. The weather was a bit cold (0-5°C as the morning progressed) but it a nice fog. During my run up to when I met Gisi, I listened to two long podcasts, one an (1) interview with scientists Don Davis and Bill Hartmann on the creation of the moon and (2) Dan Carlin talking on Magellan and the conflicts of the New and Old World, both podcasts were 01:30:00 so perfect timing to meet Gisi at the Hohenzollerndamm bridge at 10:00 where we ran home together from there. My legs were doing fine until 26K when I met Gisi, but quickly were too hammered to run strong, and running up the last Albrechtstr. hill, I locked into a pace behind Gisi for the last 1K, a nice run for both of us. 
5:40 out the door: 
5:58 S-Bahn to Buch: 
45-min Spanish grammar lesson during the ride to the outskirts of Berlin: 
6:44 arriving in Buch, still night 
Break of day down Buch Chaussee: 
Right at the Siegessäule, I got a text from Gisi that she had just taken off on her run 
Refreshments for rendez-vous with Gisi: 
Hohenzollerndamm, the Berlin Marathon 32K stretch: 
Approaching Gisi in the distance: 
10:05 AM perfectly-timed rendez-vous, Gisi had done 9K at this point, and we ran the same 9K back together: 
On last hill up Albrechtstr., I locked my 34K-hammered legs in a pace behind Gisi and followed her home: