Fri, Jun 28, 2019 - 15K - 01:55:17
15K Schwerin Run
In preparation for Hannah's half marathon in Oslo in September, we have been looking for races this year longer than 10K. This was the second 15K we found, along with a 14K and 13K as well, and she has shown she can run a consistent 7:30 - 7:50 pace in these 13K-15Ks as she runs a consistent 6:30-7:00 in her 10K races. If she runs an 8:00-pace in the half-marathon, that would be about a 02:49:00 finishing time, and since the Oslo Half Marathon has two 3K 60m-hill-climbs at 3K and 15K, her pace is probably going to be a bit higher, but the race allows 3.5 hours to finish, so we plan to be within the time limit. Basically we see it as a 18K race after which you have 3K downhill to the finish line, and Hannah's 15K races are solid and consistent with sprints at the end, so it should be a challenge but doable. Our August race will probably be the 10K Kreuzberg race, and then September we're in Oslo for the half marathon. 
The Schwerin 15K run was one of the most varied races we've done: past lakes, bridges, a centuries-old castle, a sandy beach, down winding trails into the forest, through a little village street, around another lake, down alley ways of trees, past fountains, statues, and through beautiful parks. If you want to run this race, there is pretty much an event and length for everyone: 1.8K for kids, 5K run, 5K walking, 10K run, 10K walking, plus the 15K and half marathon.  
We found Schwerin to be a beautiful and quite historical town which apparently suffered very little damage during WWII. Especially if you live in Berlin, it's a perfect little town for a weekend getaway, takes 2.5 hours to get there by train, has an intact Altstadt, a major mall, museums, a beautiful castle with gardens, and a wonderful lake landscape--including a sandy beach--perfect for exploring by bike or on long walks. 
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