Sun, Jul 1, 2018 - 10K - 00:00:00
10K Freie Universität Campus Run with Hannah and Gisi
A week ago, Hannah realized that she would not be here for our planned 10K for July which was going to the City Night Run on Kudamm, and so we had to find another 10K taking place in July as quick as we could. Luckily the delivered and pointed us to the Free University Campus Run which was this Sunday, July 1st. It was organized by the Zentraleinrichtung Hochschulsport at the university, which in all contacts with them was very friendly, spirited, and low-key but effectively run.  
The 10K started at 11:00 and the weather was absolutely perfect. I was surprised how few people ran, it seemed to be a couple hundred students and faculty, but as we found out by 3K, they were all quite fit and fast. I ran with Hannah at her pace the whole way, and Gisi hovered around us for the first four kilometers, but after that began pulling away steadily ahead of us and was gone by 6K.  
Hannah was below her 7-minute kilometer pace the whole way and finished with a consistent 7-minute pace run, 1:09:48. The course route was confusing (see map), Hannah and I luckily had a man running in front of us for the last 5K who apparently knew all the right turns, but Gisi unfortuntaely made a wrong turn at 7K, there being two students there in dirndls who were quite good looking but not very helpful in pointing the right way. After subtracting the estimated time that Gisi spent running the estimated 350 meters on an extra excursion down and around some buildings in Domäne Dahlem, we estimated her 10K time at 1:07:54, also very consistent for her.