Sun, Jun 14, 2015 - 12K - 01:30:00
12K First Road-to-Athens Training Run with 5K Timed Run (27:11)
After taking four weeks off from running, I opened up my marathon training season for the Athens Marathon coming up this November, today with a 12K run which included a timed 5K on my IKEA loop which I completed in a sluggish 27:11, one of my slowest times ever. After a month of not running, I was clearly out of shape, legs lethargic and breathing difficult, one of those un-fun runs that you have to do to get back up to speed. It made me wonder how people feel who don't exercise but smoke, drink, and eat too much, ugh. It's good to be back in the running rhythm again: five months to get up to speed. 
5K Start 
5K Finish: 27:11, a tough run