Tue, Jul 3, 2018 - 14K - 02:00:00
14K After-Work Run with Timed Tiergarten 5K (25:33)
Got out the door at work at around 17:15 to a hot afternoon, took the main route toward Tiergarten via Alexanderplatz, as I wanted to run my 5K and then get home in time for the England-Colombia game. To get into the Fanmeile area, I had to actually take everything out of my running back pack at the entrance, a sign of the times, then I was free to run down to my starting line. After taking off in a sprint through through the Tiergarten, I passed four policemen who noticeably wondered why someone was running so fast inside the Fanmeile area. I actually go blocked from running straight on my route, had to stop my stopwatch, and go out through the Fanmeile exit, but was quickly back on track. It was a hot afternoon and which slowed me down quite a bit, finishing with a 25:33. I was in a Car2Go within minutes of finishing, and before a half hour went by, was at home, showered and watching the England-Colombia game, and, having bet on England at work, was glad to see them win.