Sat, Nov 12, 2016 - 16K - 01:38:00
16K Genshagen Run Through Brandenburg Farmland
Took off in a Green Wheels car today out to Genshagen to meet Thorsten for a 16K trek through idyllic Brandenburg farm country. We are both training for the Berlin Half Marathon in April and so got in a pre-winter run of significant distance. It was nice to run outside of Berlin: no cars, no street lights, no loud streets, just peaceful fields and blue sky as far as one could see, and wonderful fresh air. Every 15 minutes or so we would pass a couple out walking or two people on horses, etc. and Thorsten was quick to teach me that out here in the country one should greet these people with a polite "Guten Tag" and not simply run past them as I was doing and I am accustomed to in Berlin, where proper etiquette for strangers is more to ignore each other. Afterwards we took a walk around the impressive Genshagen Castle, a kind of 19th century princely manor which belonged to the Barons von Eberstein, stood looking at it for a few seconds enjoying a brief Effi Briest moment, then realized that the 1°C temperature was getting a bit chilly, said good-bye, and I took off in my warm car back to Berlin.