Sun, Feb 26, 2012 - 32K - 04:05:00
32K Run to Wannsee and Back including 5K Father/Daugther Run
Hannah said she wanted to run the first 5K with me on my run today, so we donned our running gear and took off about 3:15 PM on a sunny afternoon with crisp, cool air. Hannah took off very fast, the only running races she knows are the 200m dashes at school, so it was hard to keep up with her, at about 3K she had to start doing intermittent 30-second walks, I jogged on really slowly and she always caught back up and we finished the 5K hard. Pace work will come later, the main thing is we had a great time running together and finished rosy-cheeked and happy. After bringing her home, I took off by myself for a very straight run out to Wannsee and back, about 13K into the sun, and 13K back, a unique run. It was sunny but cool, Wannsee even had ice in it still, so no signs of spring really, but a good, solid run, my legs got a good workout. 
Hannah warming up: 
Only knowing her 200m sprint races in school, Hannah took off like a shot: 
At 3K had to do 30-second walks: 
But finished the 5K hard: 
off on my own for another 27K: 
brilliant sun but not warm: 
13K straight road into the sun: 
VIDEO: Arriving at Wannsee: