Sat, Mar 21, 2020 - 10K - 01:15:09
10K Grunewald Exclusive Run with Gisi (01:15:09)
Hannah and I are planning to do our exclusive 10K tomorrow, and since Gisi wanted to run today, I asked her if she wanted to do the 10K Grunewald run that Hannah and I were doing and she said that would be great. This was also helpful for me to scout out the possibilities of parking at the Grunwald Turm (no problem) and see how easy it is to cross the road at one point (zebra stripes, no problem) and see how many people are there (quite a lot but mostly cars and bikes and only a few runners and walkers).  
We parked at the Grunewald Turm from which I had measured on Google Earth a 5K route up to Heerstraße and back, but we officially used Gisi's Garmin to know when to turn around. It turned out that if you start in the middle of the parking lot south of the Turm, run north on Havelchaussee, turn right on Am Postfenn, you will be right at 5K when you get to Kranzallee which is one street before Heerstraße. 
The run was sunny and cool, and it being a forest, the dominant scenery was, of course, trees, with an occasional view between the trees out to the Havel where we saw a number of little sailboats out and about, another sport in which one is able to practice social distancing. 
The path is paved and easy enough to run on although it does have uneven bulges in places from tree roots etc. so it's not like urban running on sidewalks, and in many parts its a bit narrow to run side-by-side. 
Gisi finished with a 01:15:09, a much slower pace than usual due to the hills and lack of other runners, I think see saw this more at a training run than a race. In any case, that is the time for Hannah to beat tomorrow.