Sat, Aug 21, 2021 - 6K - 00:38:00
6K Dresden Night Run with Hannah
We had three runs to choose from this month, one near Hamburg and one in Brandenburg an der Havel, but by far, the Dresden Night Run sounded the most fun. We rented a one-room Airbnb apartment near the finish line, took a train down to Dresden, and had a really nice, short weekend in the city (lots of walking zones, very nice) and then started at 21:45 on the river in the dark.  
I'm glad I brought my head lamp that I had bought for my 46K Ultra Marathon, since in parts of the Dresden race there were absolute blackouts, people just running through the dark, but I was lighting the way for Hannah to pass groups en masse.  
In the end, Hannah ran a 6:20 kilometer pace, very nice, almost kept me on my limit to keep up actually. So ready now for next month's 18K Berlin Trail Run.