Sat, Feb 23, 2013 - 15K - 01:50:00
15K Cold Winter Run Together
Gisi and I took off together into a cold, wintery city landscape (-1°C, 30°F), but our steady pace quickly warmed us up, me out ahead keeping the pace and both of us with headphones, Gisi with music and me listening to another omega tau podcast, this one an interview with PSI scientist Beatrice Mueller about her research on comets. We ran down to the edge of Berlin, took a quick look out into Brandenburg, then ran back, met some treacherous ice through a small forest/park but otherwise the sidewalks were either dry or blown with snow. Great to have the weekend run done on Saturday, oh, and Gisi's new half-marathon running shoes got a good breaking-in. 
the edge of Berlin: 
and now back home: 
some very slick ice: 
quick refreshments for the last 5K: 
Gisi reported new shoes were very comfortable and light: