Sun, Jun 2, 2019 - 21K - 02:12:53
Potsdam Schlösserlauf Half Marathon (02:12:53)
I had run the Potsdam Half Marathon in 2016 and because of the hills and heat, could only manage a 02:23:58, so I was determined at least to beat that.  
Plan A was to run a sub-two-hour race today, but this plan was scrapped at 5K where our no-shade, hot-sun-trek commenced from Potsdam to Babelsberg.  
Plan B was to keep up with my friend Thorsten until the beginning of the steep hill at 15K, but that plan was trashed at 8K when I saw him for the last time.  
So I settled back into Plan C for "Cruise" and managed to keep a constant pace from where the incline started at 11K until the top of the last hill at 16K, and then settled into more comfortable downhill running, especially when we got our shade back at 18K. 
I was satisfied with my 02:12:53 on this course. Despite the hot sun, I never really felt beaten and was able to finish strong, and training for this race helped me get my condition back up to par between my marathons (Feb 2019 - Apr 2020).