Mon, Aug 17, 2020 - 19K - 02:11:17
19K After-Work Run with Three IKEA 5Ks (25:10, 30:12, 30:42) Third 5K with Hannah (29:21)
Hannah had time this Monday evening for a 5K speed run, so I took advantage of it, always a motivation for me to run three 5Ks instead of only one, Hannah joining me for the third.  
Despite the heat, I run my first 5K near 25:00 again, but was noticeably drained of energy on my second run, and on my third, Hannah beat me by over a minute: I kept her in my sights all the way up to 4K but then she took off and I didn't see her until I noticed her in the distance finishing.  
As a consolation, when I got home, I weighed in at 74.0 kilos, my lowest weight in ten years. The Monday-to-Thursday-one-meal-a-day strategy plus 3-4 workouts per week is paying off over time, down six kilos since July 18th.