Sun, Jan 14, 2018 - 20K - 01:15:00
20K Including Timed 5K IKEA Loop (23:19) and 6K with Gisi
Had to take my daughter and her friend to a birthday party in Schmargendorf, so got my running suit on, rented a DriveNow, and dropped them off, parked the car and hopped out for a 6K run across Berlin, mostly along Berliner Straße, then cut down through Schöneberg to the starting line of my IKEA 5K loop.  
It was a cold -2°C, but I was hitting all points up to about 4K ahead of schedule, even hit the Priesterweg trash can right at 6:00, but just couldn't keep it up and finished with 2 seconds behind my 5-year record last week with a 23:19.  
Then took off for a warm-down back home, had a large glass of orange-juice schorle, and Gisi and I took off for 6 more kilometers together down the canal and back.  
Needless to say, I'm looking forward to warmer running days.