Wed, May 27, 2020 - 19K - 02:20:00
19K Spandau-to-Steglitz-via-Grunewald After-Work Trek Including Scouting Run for Next Month's Pichelsberg-to-Clayallee 10K
Since we are still in the Corona era in which no running events are being held, I'm tasked each month with finding some 10K+ running route for Hannah and me in or around Berlin which is optimally uninhibited by traffic. My idea for June was a run clear through Grunewald from one end to another. I discovered that one can park a ShareNow car at the south end of Spandau at Pichelsberg, so set the starting line at that point and found a 10K route from there of roads and trails on Google earth through the Grunewald to an ARAL gas station on Clayallee as a kind of finishing area with refreshments, and then two streets further is the ShareNow zone with cars waiting for us. 
I was surprised that Heerstr. is so green, very nice, and there were only two minor stop lights on 3-meter streets which we will be able to run across regardless of the light color I am quite sure. After that you run through a noble neighborhood south of the Olympic stadium, then cut right into the Grunewald down past sports complexes, under the Autobahn which brings you into a paradise area around Hundekehlensee, around that, then up 48 steps (!) at 9K into Berlin Grunewald-Smargendorf to the finish. We'll be able to get a car there. 
But on this scouting run, I continued the trek home from there which eventually totaled 19K from Spandau home to Steglitz. This is such a nice 10K route, perhaps Gisi and I will run it before the official June run with Hannah.