Mon, Mar 16, 2020 - 7K - 00:49:24
12th Morning Run with Hannah, Second 7K (49:24)
Hannah's and my last morning run was on Jan 21st but then after our 23K race in Lyon a week later, Hannah became quite busy with her MSA and so our morning runs didn't pick up again until this morning when I jumped out of bed with my running clothes on at 5:30, donned my windbreaker running coat and shoes, met Hannah in the kitchen where we talked for about 30 seconds then took off out the door into the 3°C weather and into a still somewhat dark morning, although nothing like in January when the whole run was black. This morning by the time we were at the hospital it was already quite light out. And as always, lots of cool, fresh air.  
Hannah ran four minutes slower than her 7K morning run in January (45:19), indicating the shape she was in back then from our 11 morning runs in a row compared to no run for over a month today. Our March run this last Sunday got canceled as have all runs for the next couple months because of the Corona virus, so we are thinking of creating a Private Grunewald 10K for this weekend in order to keep our streak going. This month will be 25 consecutive months running a 10K race or better each month. We still need to pick out a route in Grunewald where we start and end in the same spot, and we'll probably drive a car out to the starting line and make it an official race, or something like that. I might do a Grunewald after-work run this week to go scout out a good route.