Mon, Dec 3, 2018 - 15K - 01:50:00
15K Sunday Run with Gisi including Timed-5K IKEA Loop (23:58)
Gisi wanted to do a 15K run in preparation for our 15K run next week at Plänterwald, and I wanted to see if I couldn't improve my last 5K time by 6 seconds to get in my top ten, so we took off to IKEA and both ran my 5K loop. I was on target for the first 2 kilometers but then realized that my legs were not fully recovered from Thursday and just didn't have it in them to better my time, finishing with a 23:58. After that we took off under the A100 tunnel into the Fliegerviertel, always an interesting architectural experience, then toward Kreuzberg's Bergmannstraße and finished at the top of the Kreuzberg itself in Viktoriapark, exactly 15K according to Gisi's faithful Garmin. As true urban runners, we hopped in a warm Car2Go and sped home, a fun end to a refreshing run.