Sun, Nov 18, 2018 - 11K - 01:30:00
11K to IKEA and Back with Timed 5K (24:20)
Gisi and Karla were going for a walk this afternoon, so I took it as motivation to get out the door with them, donned my new, super-visible, yellow running jacket, long running pants and we all got out the door together. It was a very nice day to run: dry and about 5°C, had a warm-up run out to IKEA. In my 5K, I was hitting all my early points for a sub-24, at 6:00 minutes on Priesterweg, I ran past three guys drinking beer and one of them came running after me offering me a drink out of his beer can, super thoughtful, I pretended to try to reach it but was too fast for them, but I think they enjoyed the excitement. For the rest of the run, felt good but I lost a little time towards the end finishing with a solid 24:20.