Fri, Jul 28, 2017 - 16K - 03:00:00
16K Morning Run Through Rome
Got up at 6:00 A.M. for the token run through Rome during our vacation here. I haven't run more than 2K since my hamstring pull in May and so took it very easy, more of an adventure run around the city. Actually the first 4K was working my way down the hill that our hotel is on down into Rome, but in the process discovered the Ristorante Lo Zodiaco atop the Monte Carlo Nature Reserve hill overlooking the north of Rome, which we visited for an ice cream in the afternoon. I cut across the Tiber on the Ponte del Risorgimento, ran past the Museum of Modern Art, through the Biopark, then into the north-east point of Rome and cut through the middle of the city to the Supreme Court of Cassation building at the Ponte Umberto I, then made it the rest of the way back up the hotel through less spectacular Roman urban life north of the Vatican. The weather, of course, played along very well, it being about 30°C here everyday, while cooler in the mornings. I was glad my leg held out the whole way, a good sign, new shoes felt comfortable, ready for a slow build-up to the St. Petersburg Marathon in June 2018.