Sun, Nov 18, 2012 - 13K - 01:30:00
13K Brisk Late-Fall Run, 8K with Gisi
A typical winter Sunday afternoon in Berlin: the sudden realization that the sun is going down in a few hours and the window to run in day light is closing fast, so I quickly put on my winter run suit and got out the door at 2:50 PM, ran a quick 5K and called Gisi to come join me for another 8K, we had a seamless meetup without breaking stride and we ran on down the canal together, nice pace, weather more like late fall than any kind of winter: still lots of leaves on the trees and not that cold really. It was one of those "glad I got out and ran" runs, lots of nice fresh air and a message to my legs: it may be winter, but don't go hibernating on me, we have a marathon to run in April. 
caught up with Gisi on the canal pathway for our 8K run together