Sun, Nov 17, 2019 - 15K - 01:37:27
15K Tropical Islands Run with Hannah
We had on our list to do the Tropical Islands run last year in November, but decided to do another one closer to home, the Tegeler Forst Crosslauf . So this year, the Tropical Islands run was the first choice for November, and for me a chance to get to see the inside of Tropical Islands which I had never seen before, the largest indoor waterpark in the world and artificial tropical summer paradise built inside a huge, airship factory building, to which we had free access after the race.  
The race was operated by SC Tegeler Forst, the same group that sponsored our last race in October, and so was quite low-key, but well-enough organized. We got our numbers in the congress centre and stayed in that warm building till about 10 minutes till the race, then walked out into the cold to the starting line. It was about 9°C and light rain, so quite perfect running weather after you got going.  
The race itself was mostly along the quite uneventful remains of what seemed to be the concrete runaway from the Luftwaffe airport that was built there in 1938, and the loop was 5K long, so our 15K was three loops. The refreshments were sparse, one overtaxed but well-intended race helper trying to pour water and teas fast enough for the trickle of runners when we were running past. We were the last of 49 runners of the 15K, but since there was a 20K going on as well, we had runners around us the whole time.  
Hannah clocked some impressive times, her 5K split at 30:23, her 10K at 01:04:33, which her fastest 10K time since 2016, and the finishing 15K time of 01:37:27 was well under the 15K split of the Oslo half marathon.  
Afterwards we drove the short distance to the huge Tropical Islands airship building and upon entering, being runners, were flagged past the long lines and given free passes to enter, which was nice VIP treatment.  
We got our swim suits on, made out way to the beach and swam around in the artificial ocean for awhile, before sauntering over to the beach restaurant to enjoy a steak (Hannah) and a Wiener Schnitzel (me). After that we explored the rest of this tropical tourist microcosm, and quite enjoyed the outdoor Amazon area where we were swept away in a circular warm current of warm water as steam rose from the water into the cold winter air.  
If you have never been to Tropical Islands, and you like to run, I can recommend this race, as a way to get a free pass into an otherwise very touristy theme park where you would may not otherwise go and would have to wait upwards to a half out in a line to get in. The race route is uneventful but if you are looking for a fast official time, it is extremely flat.  
Here the official video of the race, in which Hannah and I make cameo appearances: