Wed, Aug 21, 2019 - 17K - 02:15:17
17K Run Home After Work with Timed 5K (25:24) Plus 7K with the Steglitz Laufgruppe
I wanted to do a timed-5K after work today, but also wanted to run with the Steglitzer Laufgruppe at 19:00 and so knew I had to keep a tight schedule. I got the 17:11 S-Bahn, was at Südkreuz at 17:30 and was ready to run my 5K at 17:41. I cut 30 seconds off Sunday's run with a 25:24, which was good news but need to get that back down into the 23s. Then I quickly got two drinks at the Bessemerstr. Tankstelle, put one in my backpack for later, downed the other one, and took off to meet the Steglitzer Laufgruppe at 19:00, arriving just in time at 18:55. We took off at 19:00 at a sub 6-minute pace for 7 kilometers, down to Wismar Straße and back. The people in the group are talkative as long as you can run their probably-5:55 pace and still keep up a conversation. I'll definitely run with them again. So all-in-all today's run was a 17K with a speed 5K and a steady 7K.