Sun, Mar 28, 2021 - 30K - 03:44:46
30K Adlershof-to-Steglitz Morning Run along Former Berlin Wall
Still in fourth place in the DCI two-month running challenge, I wanted to pour on some kilometers on my last Friday off before Friday mentoring, so took off at 7:00 in the morning to Adlershof and was able to take off from my starting line there before 8:00. It was a nice, sunny morning with cool air so fun for running. I was doing 35-minute 5Ks until 15K, legs a bit sore from yesterday evening's power-gymnastics. After 25K legs were sore but I could still lean forward and keep a decent pace. Afterward was 79.1 kilos on the scale, haven't seen a number in the seventies since November last year, so definitely some progress in the project becoming more fit. 
5K = 00:35:15 
10K = 01:12:07 
15K = 01:49:09 
20K = 02:26:30 
25K = 03:04:10 
30K = 03:44:46