Fri, Jun 19, 2020 - 21K - 02:30:00
After-Work 3x IKEA 5K Speed Runs (24:46, 28:04, 30:40), 3rd Round with Hannah (29:49)
We had time on Friday evening, it being near mid-summer and hence light out till 23:00, so I came home first on this Friday and then then took off to the IKEA loop by myself.  
I brought my first-round time down a bit to 24:46 and felt strong on the second round as well, finishing with a 28:04.  
Hannah joined me for the third round as always, and I after a slow start, I slowly closed on her throughout Priesterweg, passing her at about 12 minutes, but by the time I was under the bridge, she was gaining on me again. She had to wait for a car at Röblingstraße which I didn't know about and so I thought I was just ahead of her, but when she started up again, she was much faster. It wasn't until half-way through the final stretch that I realized she was behind me and catching up in a sprint. I couldn't run faster and she passed me a few seconds before the end. Her time was much faster because she had to wait and had stopped her watch, both of our times slower than last week, but then, it was quite warm tonight.  
As always, on the way home I had a strong 3K warm-down run keeping up with Hannah on her bike, another solid evening of speed training.