Tue, Dec 25, 2018 - 11K - 01:30:00
11K Christmas Day Run to IKEA and Back with Timed 5K (23:37)
Wanted to get a short daylight run in before our Christmas trip, so got out the door about 14:00 into a 5°C afternoon without rain, perfect running weather and my legs fully recovered from Thursday's 42K mega run through Berlin. On my 5K timed run, my legs were strong but my lungs had a hard time keeping up. It was a solid run, I rounded the last Bessemerstraße turn at 21:30 and so had a chance at getting into my top-ten list (23:27) but just couldn't get my breathing in sync with my legs, finishing with a 23:37, my seventh sub-24 time in a row. I booked my Málaga accommodations last week and will probably book my Sevilla accommodations tonight which will complete my preparations for the Sevilla Marathon in February, 54 days to go.