Tue, May 7, 2019 - 11K - 01:00:00
11K IKEA and Back with Timed 5K (24:05)
Realizing today at work that all evenings this week starting tomorrow are booked with activities, I decided to do a 5K tonight after work tonight. Receiving an affirmative via Whatsapp that my running clothes were indeed washed, I got home as fast as I could, then ran out to my IKEA starting line, the sun beginning to set and perfectly cool weather for a run. As of 3:00, I was hitting all my markers early which promised a faster time than Saturday, and indeed, I almost got into the 23s again. The best feeling today was to realize that my multi-week long hay fever is beginning to dissipate, and so my lungs were much better able to deliver on the requests made of them by my legs. I have power gymnastics on Thursday, 1K swimming on Friday, then Saturday I'm probably going to do two 5Ks and try to get into the 23s and 25s, we'll see.