Wed, Mar 28, 2018 - 17K - 02:15:00
17K Through Brandenburg with Gisi and Thorsten
One month before the Hamburg Half Marathon which we will all be running, Gisi and I accepted our friend Thorsten's invitation to go for a long training run through Brandenburg out where he lives. After waiting for months in order to increase the chances that we would have spring-like weather to run in, it turned out to be, of all things, a 1°C snowy day, to all of our astonishment. To add to the irony, Thorsten noted that one year ago today it was 21°C. In any case, we all donned our winter running gear yet again, and set off out the door of his house in Thyrow, to very cold air and steady snow fall. 
We had decided on a 15-20 kilometer run, and Thorsten delivered with a 17K guided tour through Brandenburg that took us from Thyrow out through the villages of Kerzendorf, Löwenbruch, and past Wietstock, with a variety of environments from unused farming routes through fields, to largely unused minor highways, over irrigation canals, past fields of snowy grass and through patches of forest, until we finally made it back to Thyrow, through a neighborhood, under the graffiti gallery underpass at the train station, and back to his house. The near freezing air was at first a shock, but over time became a welcomed feature of what I hope to be the last cold run before spring finally takes hold here.