Sun, Oct 7, 2012 - 28K - 03:00:00
28K Griebnitzsee-to-Steglitz Run
Since my brother Pete ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday morning (and got his second best time ever, 03:57:58, good job!), Gisi and I decided to do a solidarity simul-run with him here in Berlin in the afternoon. I took the S-Bahn to just outside Berlin and got out at Griebnitzsee just in time to start my run when Pete was starting his marathon in Chicago. From there, I ran back into town mostly along Postdamer Chaussee all the way back to Steglitz. Legs felt great for 18K all the way home, beautiful autumn day and cool, first time since March I wore my full winter outfit with long pants and jacket. Arriving home, Gisi joined me for a pretty fast 10K, a very good run, our legs for both of us were sore the next day, so good sign for our 10K race on Sunday, as we're aiming for our first sub-1 together. 
full garb on today, first time since March: 
read my ThinkSpanish magazine on the way out to Griebnitzee: 
15:11 at my starting line, 7:11 at Pete's starting line, time for another intercontinental brotherly run: 
10 minutes into the run, I was technically back in Berlin: 
picked up Gisi, down the stairs for another 10K