Thu, Jan 9, 2020 - 17K - 02:30:00
17K After-Work Night Run Home
Took off around 18:00 into a dark and wet but warm Berlin night, around 9°C. The rain had stopped but there were puddles to dodge everywhere. After awhile there were so many I just started running through them. Due to the wet conditions, I stayed on the large thoroughfares, Frankurter Allee, Unter den Linden and Potsdamer Str. bringing me almost all the way home.  
I ran easily to make sure my hamstring didn't clench again. I thought I felt a twinge a couple times and so eased up a bit into a slower jog for awhile, but I think I can say at least for non-speed runs, the tightness in the muscle seems to have relaxed enough again not to pull. I'll push it increasingly in future runs.  
The sights tonight were quite spectacular, the lights of the city reflecting in the low, dark clouds gave a rich, lit-up contrast to a kind of Gothic sky background, memorable urban scenes.