Thu, Sep 6, 2012 - 32K - 03:40:00
32K Work-to-Home Run including 13K with Hupsi Laufgruppe
Today was my first run home from my new job, and my first run with the Hupsi's Thursday Laufgruppe at Brandenburg Gate. I took off about 17:45 from Berlin Mitte out to Friedrichshain, then back through Berlin along the marathon route, then down Luisen and Wilhelmstr. down to Brandenburg gate. So it was about 10K to the running group, then a nice, easy 13K with the group (about a 7:15/KM pace out to Charlottenburg and back along the Spree, very pretty and if you know the paths/streets you can run along the river almost the whole way), then said good-bye to the group (about 15 people) and ran 9K home. Very fun and varied run today, a bit cool, but good running weather. 
off work and out the door at 17:45 
Schulze-Delitzsch, creator of Vorschussvereine (peoples' banks) in the 19th century. "He endeavored to accustom the people to rely upon their own initiative to improve their condition, and declared that the function of the state should be limited to assuring industrial and personal liberty." 
The Weinkeller, need to visit again soon, remember being here, wide variety of good wine: 
French bookstore Zadig
Natural History Museum: 
Robert Koch, awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1905 for his tuberculosis findings: 
Rudolf Virchow, "the father of modern pathology," he is considered one of the founders of social medicine: 
met running group at Brandenburg Gate: 
a very fun group, easy run out to Charlottenburg and back: 
after a good stretch with the group, took off by myself again homeward bound, a festival of lights: 
23 more days: