Thu, May 24, 2018 - 20K - 03:00:00
20K Run Home from Work
Instead of via Berlin Mitte and the Tiergarten, I decided to run south down from Prenzlauer Berg toward Treptow. I had to make my way through an industrial area west of Treptower Park with lots of construction and loading docks, and at one point crossed a bridge going from Neukölln to Treptow (!) so had to check my Google maps to figure out why I was crossing from former West to the former East Berlin, but it made sense since at that point, Neukölln is north of Treptow. Eventually, I got out of that area, over the 113 Autobahn and made it to Gradestr. a long street I've run down dozens of times which ends with the architectural delight of running under the towering Ullsteinhaus in all of its urban Gothic glory, and this time in the setting sun, quite beautiful.