Sun, Jul 12, 2020 - 16K - 02:10:00
16K Havel/Grunewald Run with Gisi
This was our run to start our two-week Wirbnb vacation in Berlin and surroundings, a wonderful weather day, so we drove a DriveNow car out to the Olympic stadium, walked up to what would have been the starting line of the S25 race that Hannah and I were going to run in May, and took off from there west through the Olympic grounds and then down through Grunewald, but this time hugging the coast along the Havel, along which I discovered there was a path by a chance perusing of a Bike-Trails-of-Berlin book in the Dussmann bookstore the other day.  
The path along the water really is beautiful and people were out in full force--as much as Corono limitation would allow--filling the little beach inlets and walking/biking paths quite well, and we say many boats out and about on the Havel.  
The trail eventually cuts inward back to the main Havelchausee road, which drops you out as a runner right at the tunnel to Schlachtensee, after which you can run through the tunnel, then down a quite steep hill to the wonderful running/walking trail around Schlachtensee.  
From there we ran almost the full lake's length to the Schlachtensee Biergarten, then took off through the German literary street quarter (Kleiststr., Schillerstr.) until we made it to Krumme Lanke U-Bahnhof which was exactly 16K, walked to another DriveNow a few streets down and drove home from there.