Sun, Mar 1, 2020 - 35K - 04:30:00
35K Berlin Wall Run Including 10K with Gisi on her 15K run
My April marathon is only one month away (whether Rotterdam or somewhere else) and I wanted to get a super-long training run in this weekend, so joined Gisi on her 15K run to Teltow and back, cut off at 10K and headed straight down via Celsius and Fahrenheit Strassen toward the southern border of Berlin, then ran from there along the former Berlin Wall all the way to Marienfelde, a multihour-long trek with some beautiful views of Brandenburg to the south. The rest of the run was making it back up to Lankwitz and home. 
The next day I felt quite hammered in general, but my legs were not that sore, which was a good sign. I found another marathon on the weekend of April 4-5, the Kyffhäusser-Berg-Marathon in Thuringia (, last year 250 runners completed the race, finishing from 02:46:14 to 06:58:02, so definitely a race for everyone.